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pushing apart boxes.
some semblance of a visual education


you are not held up by words alone | some semblance of a visual education

| v a n i t y |

5 january / chapel hill, nc

[waking to winter]


winterwake on the rocks.

oh hush, keep it down now...voices carry.

6 january / nashville, tn

nice dream.

beth's impeccable style

at the indie net

the ever important blunt bunny...

i wouldnt doubt it.

aaron's balancing act.

aaron preparing for his famous late night baked ziti.

7, 8 january / atlanta, ga

somehow i dont quite understand...

marietta's answer to mel's.

knives out.

this is what happens when we are stranded in georgia..

9 january / erskine college, sc

wont you quiet down?

i am to you as a physician who knows not what to do...

'your hair is everywhere...'

10 january / columbia, sc

i'm a reasonable man, get off my case.

the bkbkk

'raphael is cool but rude...'

11 january / winston-salem, nc

frozen flowers.

mew and not you.

oh, it's never over...