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pushing apart boxes.
you are not held up by words alone


you are not held up by words alone | some semblance of a visual education

three girls and their travels amidst the south. i would not doubt your interest.

[from m's perspective]

this is obviously going to be a bit watered down. i wont concretely put my life on display in such a way (this is something you may already know). if something matters to me, then i become intensely involved with it. that will probably spill through some of the editing ive done while transferring things out through my fingertips. if youd really like to know my heart, perhaps you should ask.

with that in mind...

the winterwake DIRTY SOUTH tour. presented to you.

day one. 5 january.

travelling through a questionable wintry mix on the way to chapel hill, NC from our once warm but then snow-covered home of columbia, SC. it didnt quite feel like leaving home, anyway - home has hardly made acquaintances with winter.
i dont remember the ride that much. one thing that must not be forgotten is this. we didnt have a stereo. no cd player, no tape deck. just this...i dont know...cancer causing use these cords and dial into a blank radio station. somehow, this blank radio station can then play cd's through a discman. even if that does sound nice to you, it isnt. after dialing through various stations and winding up with a lot of static, holding up the cd player with yarn, and hearing distorted bass sounds, we tended to opt for the radio more than deal with the hassle.
we stopped at arby's for curly fries. thanks, delilah. what a good idea.
we made it to chapel hill, the most difficult part being pulling up the ice-covered driveway at the tunnells house.
we went straight to GO! studios, to prepare for our show with gurl, the silent seas, and the vibrant green. some vain photos taken [for memory's sake]. GO! is a hip place. i desperately wanted a black heart procession poster that was hanging on the wall. our merchandise was set up above a fireplace. we sold quite a lot that night. we played sloppy, but we were happy, and things sometimes just make themselves be known.
the silent seas were enjoyable. happy and bitter at the same time. i dont quite understand. ah, or maybe it is that dreaded idealistic cynic mind [which i somehow have managed to build for myself]. id like to talk to the guy again.
the vibrant green played well. it had been awhile since id seen them. i remembered the 'ice cream' song, which i think is clever. and it was our first time hearing the soon to be famous 'physician song'.
afterwards, we ate mexican again - the same place we went to after the bright eyes show. and tried to sleep early. because sunday came before anyone was ready.

day two. 6 january.

freezing, freezing cold. early. ahh! early.
finally on the road. heading to nashville. drive drive drive. it is crowded. we are okay, because we are happy. i pretend to sleep. joah does sleep, and i take a picture. we play electronic taboo. my favorite is when stephen says 'things with wings that poop on things' [why, pigeons, of course]. drive drive drive. peanut butter and jelly. stop at a truck stop. hey it's okay to park in truck parking, but you dont have to pull all the way up in the spot. beth is dressed like a homeless woman. those socks. i am getting 'the feeling'. the feeling is a phenomenon discovered by beth and i, back in the days of snowflake for a peasant. before wed play shows, at some point in the day, something would attack our stomachs. a combination of hope and nervousness. i havent had the feeling in several years, so i wonder why it hits me now. maybe because we are going far away, and taking pieces with us. maybe i am exhausted. both.
we make it to nashville. ive never been here before. the venue is so cold. we soundcheck. mewithoutYou comes. hellos with aaron and remembering / meeting the others. they support us with smiles while we play. bad sound systems, drug lord sound guys. the vibrant green and the physician again. mewithoutYou's attack on our ears and sometimes bodies. not a sound i often hear, but somehow this way it is perfectly lovely.
after the show, we part. beth and the vibrant green head to a second show that the boys are playing, while delilah and i crawl into mewithoutYou's van, on the way to the home of a very hospitable boy named josh. in the living room there is a portrait of a man with a glass eye, and a pillow with an accidental swastika sewn upon it. we watch a movie for a bit, and talk a lot. whats the difference between sarcasm and being facetious again? somewhere around 4am we make our hunger known. aaron suggests baked ziti. oh yes. so we head to kroger in jesse's car [jesse is a friend of josh's], listening to singing children. 'whats up' is playing over the kroger stereo. we had covered the song that night. it's a nice touch. we get the ingredients, and head home. aaron does his magic, but since ive not really eaten all day, i cant handle the idea of food. i put mine in the fridge for the next morning. delilah tries to wake rickie up so he can eat, and he screams in terror. after rickie talks in his sleep some more ['i dont care, you can sleep in caesar's palace if you want to!'], i wonder whether i ever talk while asleep. id like to hear what id have to say. it snows a bit - big, slowly falling flakes. we keep talking, finally drifting off, and waking early the next afternoon.