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<an interview with johnathan ford>


i. give me a general idea of how unwed sailor began and who unwed sailor is today.

>>unwed sailor began in august of 98. i had a few bass ideas that i wanted to bring to life, so i asked my friends dave bazan and casey wescott to help out. a couple of weeks later we had written and recorded 4 songs, which became the "firecracker" ep. made in mexico(a label out of seattle)released it shortly after. at this point i had moved to chicago, and started unwed sailor back up with some other people. now at this point, 3 years later, unwed sailor consists of me and nic tse(guitarist). we have wonderful drummer friends who help us out when we need them.

ii. why did you choose to begin an instrumental band? how does being an instumental band affect your ability to communicate?

>>the choice to become an instrumental band was a very natural one. i honestly did not give it much thought. it just seemed the right thing to do. i have grown up loving classical music and movie soundtracks, so i guess it is in my blood. i think that unwed is able to communicate through instrumental music without hitches. our main message is hope, and i believe that it comes through clearly.

iii.why the decision for vocals on 'the quiet hour'?

>>i felt that putting vocals on "the quiet hour" would be a perfect way to end a chapter in unwed sailor's life. that song also has a lot of meaning for me. it kind of sums up the whole record. it is about dying to obsession, bitterness, and hate. dying to yourself. it is about taking that open door of hope, and moving forward. it is about leaving the old hopeless life behind, and becoming who you never imagined you could be.

iv. how was europe? how was playing shows there different than playing in the US?

>>europe was beautiful. unwed sailor did very well there, ecspecially in england and switzerland. there seemed to be a genuine love for music and the show experience over there. it seemed that if people liked your music they would let you know with cheers and applause. here in the states there are alot of times when you just get empty stares and crossed arms.

v. what was the last book you read, and how was it?

>>the last book i completed was "the voyage of the dawn treader" by C.S. Lewis. it was on the europe tour. it was incredible and encouraging. i love the spiritual subtleties in the story. it was an inspiring book.

vi. how do these days compare to the roadside / pedro days? how do you think music has progressed / regressed since then?

>>i look back on the roadside/pedro days with a sort of nostalgia view. they were kind of like the good ol' days. that was a great time in my musical journey. i had a lot of incredible experiences that i will never forget. just to be able to play and work with musicians like doug lorig, matt johnson, and dave bazan is an honor in itself. i think being able to express a spiritual viewpoint of Christ is easier today. maybe easier is the wrong word. i mean that people do not seem to judge you as harshly if you are expressing a belief in Christ in music(indie rock) today. i think alot of that has to do with the roads that pedro the lion and the danielson famile have paved.

vii. how does the reality of unwed sailor compare to your expectations?

>>i think that unwed sailor has met all my expectations. i love the music. i love the people that i play with. it seems that the music touches people in a deep/meaningful/spiritual way. i am blessed.

viii. what are your top five favorite smiths lyrics?

>>1. "'as rose counts the money in the cannister, who comes sliding down the bannister?' a vicar in a tutu, he's not strange, he just wants to live his life this way".

2. "i was looking for a job, and then i found a job, and heaven knows i'm miserable now."

3. "...and if a double decker bus crashes into us, to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die, and if a ten ton truck kills the both of us, to die by your side, well the the pleasure, the privalege is mine.

4. "some girls are bigger than others, some girls are bigger than others, some girls mothers are bigger than other girls mothers.

5. "writing frightening verse to a buck-tooth girl in luxembourg."

man, morrisey was a freak!

xo melissa marie